A New Course has arrived! TJCII Come and See Introduction Course

March 15th, 2021 | TJCII Blog

Dear Friends! Shalom, greetings from Hainburg, Austria!

This is a special letter detailing information on the new TJCII Come and See Introduction Course.  We are excited to see how the Lord is working during this challenging time, and we look forward to the new relationships this course might bring.

This newsletter offers detailed information about the course and instructions about how to join us. Please write us if you have any questions.

How does the course look, in a practical way?

  • This depends if you join as an on-site group, an online group, or an individual. Please see the descriptions below:
    • An on-site group will together:
      • Pray according to different traditions (Messianic Jewish and Christian)
      • Do the TJCII Booklet study
      • Listen to the online teachings and join in discussion groups (both locally and internationally)
      • Live daily life together, which means shared cooking, cleaning, etc – according to how the local leader organizes all. This is an important aspect as we grow in relationship with one another!
      • Discern, organize, and do a TJCII “Outreach”
    • An online group will together:
      • Pray online according to different traditions
      • Do the TJCII Booklet study (online)
      • Listen to the local teachings and join in discussion groups ONLINE (both locally and internationally)
      • Discern, organize, and do a TJCII “Outreach”
    • An individual will:
      • If possible, pray with others online according to different traditions
      • Do the TJCII Booklet study, and hopefully share with others online
      • Listen to the online teachings and join in discussion groups ONLINE
      • Discern, organize, and do a TJCII “Outreach”
    • It is our goal that each person participating can experience the different elements (prayer, booklet study, teaching, discussion, outreach) in some way – whether onsite, online, or both! We really depend on the local group leaders to implement these elements.  We do not want to downplay the importance of the daily life together, but fully understand how this can be impossible in these days.

How can I join the course?

  • There are three options for participating in the Come and See Course:
    • Register as a group and take part in the whole online/onsite program. Everyone does not need to register separately with us.  However, they should register with the leader of the local group.  The local group leader will then pass that information on to us.
    • Register as a group, but only take part online. As an online group, you can still have discussion groups, and do the study of the TJCII booklet.  However, you would not live together in a local onsite group. Again, it is not necessary that each individual register with us, but with the local leader, who will then pass the information to us.
    • Register as an individual. You would register individually, and we would then connect you to others, especially those in your own time zone, though we will also form international small groups so that we can all meet one another.
  • Please register!

What are the requirements for this course?

  • To be in contact with the national TJCII leader where TJCII is established. In the case where there is not yet a national team, we will help you to be connected to the right people.
  • To participate in the online teaching sessions (when possible according to the time zones) or watch the recording of the teaching session.
  • To participate either in a group, or personally, in the study of the TJCII booklet
  • To participate in small group discussions, either online, on site, or both.
  • To participate in some form of outreach at the end of the course and to share with others how you experienced this outreach. We understand for many this might mean a day of intercession, and not actually “going out” – but still we can be very creative to be active in the TJCII vision!

To participate in the course, you must be willing and committed to all five requirements. 

How much does the Come and See Course cost?

  • In regard to the costs connected to the running of the course (overall administration), we suggest that each group (or individual who is not able to take part in a group) would simply make a donation to TJCII.  This can be done on the website at tjcii.org. For European groups, this could be sent to the TJCII European office.
  • Onsite groups: Each leader of an onsite group needs to determine and administrate their own costs; all practical details are organized by them.  If someone needs a scholarship, this must be worked out on a local level.
  • Online groups: If there is any cost involved, this again must be determined and administrated by the own local leader.

Course Details:

Time of Course: 29 June – 15 July

All times listed are the local time of Austria.  Please adjust your time schedules accordingly.  We tried to set the times so that the maximum number of people could participate online.

Week One 29 June – 3 July  
Day Topic of Teaching (45 min – 1 hour) Teacher
Mon, June 29 – 4 pm Introduction to the Course Team
Mon, June 29 – 6 pm Basic Scriptural Foundations Pavol Strezo
Tue, June 30 – 4 pm Reconciliation Brian Cox
Tue, June 30 – 6 pm TJCII Vision – testimony Marty Waldman
Wed, July 1 – 4 pm God’s Choice of Israel
Wed, July 1 – 6 pm Messianic Judaism
Thurs, July 2 – 4 pm Anti-Semitism Richard Harvey
Thurs, July 2 – 6 pm Replacement Theology Richard Harvey
Fri, July 3 – 4 pm TJCII Intercession/Identificational Repentance Dave and Raquel Pyles
Fri, July 3 – 6 pm The Feasts of Israel/Shabbat Eyal Friedman
Week Two  6 – 10 July
Mon, July 6 – 4 pm Christian History – The Glory and the Shame Mary Paul Friemel
Mon, July 6 – 6 pm God’s Way for the Nations – The Olive Tree Johannes Fichtenbauer
Tue, July 7 – 4 pm The Orthodox traditions Vasile Mihoc
Tue, July 7 – 6 pm The New Charismatic Churches Martin Buehlman
Wed, July 8 – 4 pm The Protestant traditions
Wed, July 8 – 6 pm The Catholic Church Mary Paul Friemel
Thurs, July 9 – 4 pm Alignment with Israel Brian Cox
Thurs, July 9 – 6 pm TJCII in Practice Johannes
Fri, July 10 – 4 pm TJCII in my Nation Local
Fri, July 10 – 6 pm Preparation for Outreach Local
Week Three 13 – 15 July
Mon, July 13 Outreach (according to local needs)
Tue, July 14 – 4 pm Sharing Local Team
Tue, July 14 – 6 pm Sharing Int’l Team
Wed, July 15 – 4 pm Conclusion and Blessing ILC Members


TJCII Booklet Study

In addition to the online teachings and discussions, there will be a study of the TJCII Booklet: “Vision, Origin, and Document”.  This document has already been translated into many languages and should be available in the different countries where the course will take place.  It will be important that each participant has a copy of the booklet.  The program and materials for the booklet study will be sent as we come closer to the time of the course.  The booklet can also be found on the TJCII website: https://www.tjcii.org/archive/.

The study of the booklet should be done as an additional session for the onsite groups.  For the individuals, it can be done alone, but there will also be some opportunities to share in a wider group.

Connection to the National Teams

It is critical that the various groups and individuals be connected with the National Teams, as this will be the avenue for follow-up after the course has finished.  The course is designed to support the national teams, and not to create separate groups.  Again, if there is no national team established in your country, we will help you to connect to others in your area who are interested in TJCII and most especially to the international and continental leaders who can help you stay connected with TJCII should you choose to do so after the course.

International/Ecumenical Connection

It is a great opportunity we have during this course to also connect with many others around the world!  Therefore, we really encourage the following:

  • When a group is being established, please make a conscious effort to have various denominations represented, if possible.
  • If you have registered as an individual, please take part in the online small groups to be connected with others!
  • For all – we will be forming a few international small groups so that we can all be connected and meet others. As much as possible, please try to participate in this.

Translation possibilities

We are looking into the possibility with Zoom to have simultaneous translation.  The translation, however, must be provided by someone from your language group.  We will communicate information about this to those who need translation.  Otherwise, all teachings are in English.

Perhaps this is enough information for now!  Please feel free to write us:  tjc2fc@gmail.com, or srmpfus@yahoo.com.

This is our first time to run a course in this format!  Please pray for us!  We look forward to see how the Lord will meet us in these days!

Shalom, and see you soon!

Eyal, Johanna, and Mary Paul